Flooring Restorations

Damaged flooring? We're here to help.

While we absolutely love partnering with homeowners through the flooring selection process and seeing the final product installed –  there’s so much satisfaction in a quality floor restoration.

We'll assess your damaged floor and present you with all the different options available to restore the floor back to full health.

Newly installed wooden flooring in a room with sea views.

We can repair, restore, and replace damaged flooring.

The approach we take to your floor restoration will depend on your preferences, your budget, and of course, the damage the floor has sustained. Where one of your floorboards has sustained a small burn, we may look at replacing the board or restoring the damaged board itself. If your flooring has sustained more damage — such as rotting, we’ll look at replacing all damaged flooring.

Newly installed wooden flooring in an open plan kitchen with city views

Our flooring experts are committed to quality

Regardless of the approach we take to restore your home’s flooring, it’s always centred on quality. We take great pride in the service and workmanship we provide, from the first interaction to revealing the final product to you. You can rely on Mobile Floors for a high-quality floor restoration. 

Why opt for Mobile Floors?

Thorough preparation

When you partner with Mobile Floors for a floor restoration, we'll take every necessary precaution as we prepare. From ensuring there's no hidden damage, to the matching of products — you'll notice the difference.

36-month, interest-free payment plans

Investing in a floor restoration for your home can be a large purchase to make in one go. You can book your floor restoration now and pay later with our 36-month, interest-free payment plans.

6-year warranty on all workmanship

You can feel confident in your newly restored floors. You'll receive a 6-year warranty on our workmanship, giving you peace of mind.

Over 30+ years of experience

With more than 30 years of combined experience in our team, we're uniquely qualified to restore your floors to a pristinely high standard.

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